Can I change my customs value?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Jessica Skidmore

When arranging to ship your packages, you'll be able to set the customs value for each item inside your package. While setting the values, there's no need to include our service fees in customs declaration. Inputting the price we spent with the seller is advised for the smoothest shipment!

There are risks to changing the value of your package. 
Any shipping insurance will only cover the declared value. If your package is lost or damaged, you may be unable to collect its full value if the carrier provides recompensation. We also can't provide invoices or receipts for declared item values you've changed.

The customs types of your items will be filled by our fulfillment staff when shipping. All packages shipped will also be declared as Merchandise and can't be declared as Gift.

Questions about import tax? Please check our article here: Who pays for import tax?

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