Can you ship to an address in Japan?

Yes, we are able to ship to any address in Japan! We charge a flat fee of $6-7 (depending on the exchange rate) for most locations in Japan.  

Can you ship to a hotel in Japan?

For shipment to a hotel, please provide us with the address of the hotel, your name, and room number along with the dates you will be at the location. You must be staying at the hotel long enough for us to ship the package to you in order to use this option. 

We also recommend checking with the hotel to ensure they do not have specific requirements for receiving packages on your behalf.

How long does it take for a package to arrive at my location?

We ship all packages by Sagawa Express. Once you pay for shipping, we normally ship the same or next business day. How long a package takes to arrive depends on your location relative to Tokyo.


Delivery Time (average)

Within Tokyo or Yokohama

1 day

Outside Tokyo (Osaka, Kyoto etc.)

1-2 days

Rural Areas, Far from Tokyo (Sapporo, Kumamoto, etc.)

2-3 days

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