How much does shipping cost?

Unlike regular online stores, the shipping costs for your products are billed separately! This is because we need to have the physical items here with us to tell you how much shipping to your location will cost.

How it Works

Once your item arrives at our fulfillment center, we will measure and weigh it, then send you a notification by email. Afterward, you can log in and select which package to ship. During shipping checkout, you can choose both your desired carrier and payment method. You can also confirm your shipping address.

Estimating Shipping

Use our in-app shipping calculator to estimate shipping costs. Simply select your country and enter your estimated package weight. You'll find the shipping calculator here:

All shipping through Japan Rabbit is billed at the actual cost plus a transactional mark-up fee of 3.6%. As mentioned before, we're only able to provide the exact quote for shipping once your item(s) is physically present in our office and can be measured together with our packaging.

Note: FedEx rates vary widely based on both weight and package size (L x W x H).

Customs and Import Duty

Please note that the international shipping fee charged by Japan Rabbit does not include customs duties or import taxes. It is the customer's responsibility to bear any taxes that may be incurred by importing a package bought through our service.

As the importer, you are fully responsible for any customs tax or duty. 

Any charges levied when an item is imported to your country are the responsibility of the recipient. Please check your local customs office for more information.

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