What does the status of an in-transit package mean?

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After you pay for shipping to your location, your package is handed off to the shipping company of your choice to deliver the shipment.

Japan Rabbit is a shopping proxy and not a shipping company, meaning we have no control over delivery speeds or conditions.

If you'd like to check in on the status of an in-transit package, here are some different tracking statuses that can appear on your tracking page for your reference:


We shipped your package, and the shipping company now has it in their possession.

Arrival at outward office of exchange

Your package has arrived at the international post office in Tokyo.

Dispatch from outward office of exchange

Your package left Japan. From here we recommend that you patiently wait for your package to arrive in your country. Once it arrives in your country it will be registered and the tracking will be updated automatically.

Arrival at inward office of exchange

Your package arrived in your country.

Item presented to import Customs

Your package is being handled by customs.

Item returned from import Customs

The customs have processed your package.

Departure from inward office of exchange

Your package left customs and handling is transferred to postal services.

Processing at delivery Post Office

Your package is being handled by postal services.

Item out for physical delivery

Your package is being delivered to you.


*Your package cannot be delivered and requires action from you; we recommend contacting your local post office as soon as possible.

Final delivery

Your package has arrived.

*If your package is in “Retention” it normally means that it is being held at the local post office and waiting to be picked up. Please contact your local postal service to arrange for picking up or redelivering the package to your address. If it is not picked up within 7 days, it can be returned to us.

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