Can you negotiate the price for me?

We can contact the seller on a fleamarket site and try to negotiate the price if the seller mentions on the item page or profile that they are open to negotiation. Unfortunately, if this is not included, then we can't negotiate the price of the product. Prices set by licensed stores are non-negotiable.

To have us contact a seller for you, please submit your order first. You can provide any inquiries you'd like asked or details in either the order itself (optional details field) or in a follow-up reply to your order confirmation email.

No money will leave your account unless you agree to buy the item after hearing back from the seller.

When requesting a negotiation please keep in mind the following:
  • Negotiating will take time as both we and the seller are not always available to immediately reply. If you don't want to risk losing an item, we recommend avoiding negotiation entirely.
  • Some sellers may make a dedicated page for us but others may just drop the price, if they just drop the price we are not guaranteed to be able to secure the item before someone else purchases it.
  • The more you try to negotiate a price down, the less likely the seller is to accept. Please note that we will not assist if you attempt to negotiate prices down significantly as this can result in our account being blacklisted. We recommend no larger than a 20% discount, but it is recommended to go no higher than 5-10% discount.

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