Why are some shipping options unavailable?

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At Japan Rabbit, we offer a variety of shipping options from reliable carriers such as Japan Post, DHL, and FedEx. If you can't see some of the shipping options, here are a few possible reasons why:

1. The shipping options are not available in your country.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some shipping options may not be available for delivery to your country. Please check with us for the latest updates.

2. Some items are prohibited with specific shipping couriers.

Please check our prohibited items guide and shipping restriction guide.

3. Your package exceeds the size limit of some shipping options.

Different carriers have different size limits for the packages they can deliver. Please refer to the following size limits:

Shipping Method

Size Limit

Japan Post - EMS


Length + Circumference: Less than 275 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)

Rest of World:

Length + Circumference: Less than 300 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams) or 20kg (20,000 grams) depending on the country

Japan Post - Small Packet Airmail

Max Length + Width + Height: 90 centimeters

Max Length: 60 centimeters

Max Weight: 2kg (2,000 grams)

Japan Post - Parcel Post Seamail

A Standard (such as the UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, etc)

Length + Circumference: Less than 300 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)

B Standard (such as USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico etc)

Length + Circumference: Less than 200 centimeters

Max Length: 105 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)


Length + Circumference: Less than 330 centimeters

Max Length: 274 centimeters

Max Weight: 68kg (68,000 grams)

Length + Circumference = Length+ 2x (Width + Height) For example, if your package's size is 100x30x30 (LxWxH), length +Circumference = 100 + 2x (30+30) = 220 cm, which is too big if you want to ship with seamail to the US.

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