Can you consolidate multiple items into one package?

Yes, we can. From your Packages tab, items that appear under "Received" are eligible to be packed together in a single box. Once consolidated, all packages receive 7 days of free storage before storage fees begin to accrue, regardless of how long they have already been in storage.

Please be careful and wait until all items you hope to combine have arrived at our fulfillment center before sending a packing request, as items can only be consolidated one time and must be shipped afterward.

You cannot add a Received item to a package that is already packed and Ready-To-Ship.
Update: Starting from January 29th, 2024, after consolidation, all packages will receive 7 days of free storage regardless of how long they have already been in storage before starting to accrue storage fees.
How much is the consolidation Fee?

Please see our Pricing page for consolidation fee details.

Can I wait for my other item(s) to arrive before sending a Packing Request?

You receive 45 days of free storage for each item the moment it arrives at our fulfillment center. You can also pay a storage fee to extend the timer for up to another 45 days if desired. As long as your other item(s) arrive within your free (or paid) storage period, you can wait before sending a packing request for multiple items.

My storage timer has expired but the last item I want to pack isn't here yet!

In this case, you will need to ship your items separately to avoid any accidental disposals. Due to the order volume kept stored in our warehouse, we can't provide extensions to the storage timer beyond the paid 45 days. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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