What does the 'status' of my order mean?

Updated by Sandy

You can view all of your current orders on your order page to see their status. The following are possible statuses for your order:


Your order has been received and our buyers will begin purchasing your items as soon as possible. You can cancel and edit the order in this status.


We have confirmed the price and stock of your items and are in the process of purchasing them. An order can also be in this status if we are waiting for the customer or the seller to respond.

Payment Due

We tried to capture the payment on your provided payment method but were unsuccessful. Please contact your bank to approve the payment or change the payment method.

Pending Adjustment

We have made an adjustment to your order and are waiting for you to authorize the new cost.


We have purchased your order.


Your order was canceled and we've returned all money back to your virtual Wallet.

For received items please check your Received mailbox and for shipping status, you can check the shipments page.

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