Can you purchase Surugaya 'Kaitori' items?

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Surugaya is a popular marketplace in Japan that specializes in used and new collectible goods.

While browsing their site, you may find yourself on a section known in Japanese as 'kaitori' (買取). This area will display items at low prices but they are unavailable to buy.

These pages are where Surugaya lists the price they will pay if you want to sell the item to them, it is not the price you can buy the item for. A listing in this section of the site does not mean that the item is available to buy. This means we cannot accept orders for kaitori links.

We also are unable to assist with selling items to Surugaya.

How do I know an item is 'kaitori'?

The easiest way to confirm if an item is 'kaitori' is to check the item URL. If "kaitori" is included in the URL you are looking at a wanted listing and not a for-sale listing!

For instance, this is a wanted listing:

This is a normal listing we can purchase (if in stock):

The design of the website is also slightly different. When looking at the kaitori section of the site, you will find the design is greener and images are smaller.

Kaitori Page
Regular Sales Page

You can see on the above page that Surugaya offers 2,500 yen to buy the item, but then sells it for 4,500 yen.

How do I check if an item is available?

From a kaitori listing, you can usually check if an item is actually available for sale by clicking the link "この商品の販売ページ" near the item details.

This will take you to the main item page. If this page includes a price and an orange cart button, it is available to buy directly from Surugaya.

Clicking "他のショップ" will also show you purchasing options from marketplace sellers.

If you click "この商品の販売ページ" and find a green button, this means the item is sold out at Surugaya. But if the "他のショップ" section is present, you can click there to see purchase options from the marketplace.

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