Do you ship airsoft or model toy guns?

Updated 1 month ago by Jessica Skidmore

We buy and ship both airsoft and replica toy guns! We'd recommend confirming with your local authorities what's allowed to be received, as we can't be held responsible if there are issues with customs when it arrives with you.

For every airsoft or replica gun purchase, we check and inspect your item(s) to make sure they can be shipped without issues. 

We charge a 1000 yen handling fee to inspect and prepare  any toy gun-related product before shipping it overseas. To prevent the potential loss of small parts or damaging the product, we do not disassemble toy guns. 

Here are the steps we follow to avoid potential returns or problems:

1.  Gun-shaped items are taped with bright orange tape, according to California standard. 

2. Gun-shaped items will be provided an orange tip.

3. We will avoid consolidating certain too many gun-shaped items together in one package.

*4. We will remove any gas from gun-shaped items.

5. We will remove any cannisters, bullets, or projectiles from the package. 

As the importer, you must also accept the risk that even if we prepare the item properly, your customs office reserves the right to seize or return any package at their own discretion. We can't provide refunds on the unfortunate chance that your package is seized or returned to Japan by a customs officer.

*To avoid the risk of your package being returned, large/medium toy guns (larger than a pistol) may not be consolidated and must be shipped individually. No more than 3 small toy guns (pistol size) may be consolidated together. Thanks for your understanding!

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