Can you help me find an item I want to buy?

Updated 9 months ago by Jessica

As a shopping service, we don't offer any specialized item search service so we wouldn't be able to hunt for a specific product you.

However, we'd recommend using Japanese product titles or some keywords (ex: character's name or series) regarding the item's details while looking products up on search engines. is an excellent resource if you'd like to figure out what keywords you should use. You may also have luck joining online communities or asking around forums.

We're happy to help you shop once you find something you like being sold. 🐰🇯🇵

Could you check a physical store and hunt for a specific item for me?

Our buyers can only be sent in-store shopping when it can be confirmed that a specific item is being sold there. Buyers can't be sent to hunt for items. You can read more here: Can you buy from a physical store or event?

I found the item, but it's not available anymore. Can you ask the seller if they have more?Please see: Can you ask a seller to re-list an item?

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