Package Inspection Policy

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When you choose to buy through Japan Rabbit, it's important to understand our policy on package inspections. Our approach varies depending on whether the item is new, used and sealed, or used and unsealed.

New Items Directly from the Original Seller

We do not open the original item packaging for items purchased brand new directly from the original seller. Our inspection is limited to the external shipping box, which we may open only to repack the item if necessary. This ensures that your new purchase arrives in its pristine, untouched condition, just as it left the manufacturer or retailer.

Used Items Not Listed as Sealed (from Second-Hand shops)

When we handle used items not marked as sealed from platforms like Mercari or Yahoo Auctions, our policy is more hands-on to ensure you get what you paid for. Upon receiving such items, we conduct a thorough inspection of the item's physical condition to confirm it matches the description provided by the seller. This process includes checking for any significant damage or discrepancies from the listed condition. However, please note:

- We do not check the functionality of the product.

- We cannot be held responsible for any defects the item may have.

- Minor signs of wear, such as small stains or loose threads, are common with used items and do not qualify for a refund.

- Given the no-return policy enforced by most sellers on these platforms, we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds for second-hand items.

- There is no way for us to know if an item is a counterfeit or not. Confirming the authenticity of the products we buy does not fall within the scope of our services. We cannot hold the responsibility if the products you asked us to purchase happens to be a fake item. If you have any doubt regarding any item, we recommend thinking twice if you are willing to take the risk of getting a fake item before placing an order for it.

Used Items Listed as Sealed (from Second-Hand shops)

For used items listed as sealed, our approach is to respect the seal and the collector's value. Therefore:

- We do not open the item's original packaging if it is sealed. Our inspection is confined to the shipping package, which will be open for checking if the item is correct and repackaging purposes.

- Opening the sealed item would decrease its value, so we avoid this to preserve your investment.

- In cases where the received item does not match the seller's description, we cannot assist with refunds or exchanges due to the no-return policy prevalent on platforms like Yahoo Auctions or Mercari.

Additional Handling for Items with Batteries:

We sometimes need to open a sealed box because of a battery. If a battery isn't installed, we need to open it and install it in the item or dispose of it even though the box is sealed. This step is necessary to comply with shipping regulations.

We strive to balance the need for item verification with respect for item integrity and the policies of the platforms and sellers we purchase from. While we do our best to ensure your purchase is as expected, the nature of online buying, especially from secondary markets, carries inherent risks. We appreciate your understanding.

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