Why can't I add my URL/link?

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While Japan Rabbit accepts orders from almost any site in Japan, there are some sites or items that we may not be able to purchase due to restrictions from the store or fraudulent sellers.

If you see an alert when trying to add an item to your cart or check out, we have flagged that we cannot purchase it. Below, we go into more detail on each error.

Sorry, we've reached our purchase limit for this item at the store.

The store has set a limit on how many items each account can buy. We will purchase as many as possible but after that we can no longer accept orders. If you see this alert, we have reached the limit and cannot accept further orders. We cannot create new accounts or use alternate information to place an order. If you see this alert, consider using our sister site Blackship if the store accepts forwarders. You can find more details here.

Please note that if the alert does not show, we still need to review your item and confirm if we have slots available (if we get many orders at once, we may not be able to add the alert quickly enough).

Sorry, we can't order from this site - it's been flagged as fraudulent.

We have reviewed the site and found it is fraudulent, meaning they would not ship an item we purchased to us.

Apologies, but we can't make purchases from this particular store.

Some stores will refuse proxies or are outside the scope of our service (such as eBay). This error will appear for sites we currently cannot accept orders for, regardless of what item you are interested in.

Oops! This URL is for a 'wanted' listing; not a 'for sale' listing. If 'この商品の販売ページ' is visible, click it and provide the new URL for purchase. Learn More

You have attempted to purchase an item from Surugaya's "Kaitori" site. For this particular error, the item may be available but at a higher price. Please see here for more details.

Sorry, we can't order this item - the purchase period has ended.

Even though the item is listed on the website, it was only available for a limited time and is no longer available to purchase.

Invalid URL

The URL provided does not lead to a valid website or item. Please check the original link and try pasting again.

If you are having trouble adding an item to your cart and are not seeing one of the errors above, please get in touch with our support for assistance.

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