Can you order an item at a specific date and time?

We always try our best to order high-demand items quickly after their order period opens, but some times and dates could be difficult.

Whether we can assist depends on what day and time the item releases.

If it is outside office hours (see below), we can attempt to order as soon as the item releases. However, there is an additional fee for this service of $20. If within office hours, we can attempt to purchase without an extra fee.

If you are unsure about an item, please contact us with a link to the item details and we will let you know if we can order at the specified time and whether there will be an additional fee.

In the event the item sells out before we are able to purchase it, we will refund the order in full except for the concierge fees.

While our staff is limited during the weekend, we do have some buyer staff still on the clock to process orders.

If you send your order far enough in advance, your order can be assigned to the buyers who are stationed to make orders during the weekend.

Currently, our customer support staff is unavailable outside of Japanese weekdays, but orders themselves are still accepted and processed albeit at a slower pace.

Office Hours




10am - 7pm JST (Full Availability)

Weekends & Japanese National Holidays

Closed (Limited Availability)

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