How long can I keep my item at your fulfillment center?

Every item that reaches our fulfilment center is given a free storage period of 45 days. In addition, you can purchase more storage (up to another 45 days) for your item for a daily accrued fee that's determined by your item's size.

Once your item reaches us, you can see your remaining storage period from your Packages tab at all times.

Maximum Storage:

  • Free Storage: 45 days
  • Paid Storage: Up to 90 days
Can I extend my storage timer beyond the total of 90 days?

Due to order volume and the amount of merchandise kept at our fulfillment center, we can't accept extensions to the storage timer beyond 90 days total. If an item is kept here for more than 90 days, it would be automatically queued for disposal. To avoid any accidents, please ship any package before its timer runs out.

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