Priority Purchasing

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What It Is:

Priority Purchasing is an add-on service available at checkout. It prioritizes your order over non-priority ones, ideal for securing time-sensitive items.


  • On average, Priority Purchasing orders are processed 4.7 times faster.
  • Our Buyers give your order the highest priority within our operating hours window (10 AM to 7 PM JST).
  • Reduces the risk of an item being sold out due to low stock or unavailable due unique marketplace listings.


  • Priority Purchasing operates only within our business hours.
  • It doesn't guarantee immediate action outside these hours.
  • While we prioritize your order, processing times can vary due to factors like seller communication, payment processing, or item availability.

How To Use:

  1. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Choose 'Enable Priority Purchasing' below your shipping details.

Fees: Visit our Pricing page for the latest details on fees and charges.

Please Note: The speed of Priority Purchasing is an average estimate, not a guaranteed timeframe.

Ready to Try? Make your next order with Priority Purchasing and experience faster shopping. Our customer support is always here for any questions or assistance you need. Happy shopping!

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