Regarding Fake, Defective, or Used Items

As a proxy-buying service, we provide you the ability to shop and ship from businesses in Japan. We are not the producer of the products that you buy through us.

Please take caution, and be aware of the following if you find yourself in the situation of having us buy fake, defective or used items.

Fake Items

Among the items you are interested in, you might request the purchase of a fake item. If we notice it, we usually notify our customers an item might be fake. However, most of the time, there is no way for us to know if an item is a counterfeit or not. Confirming the authenticity of the products we buy does not fall within the scope of our services. We are not the manufacturer nor the seller of the product you request us to purchase.

We cannot hold the responsibility if the products you asked us to purchase happens to be a fake item. If you have any doubt regarding any item, we recommend thinking twice if you are willing to take the risk of getting a fake item before placing an order for it.

Defective Items

While we inspect all purchased items externally upon their arrival, we cannot hold the responsibility if your item has defects at the fault of the manufacturer. While we can do our best to correspond with the store or seller, depending on their policies, it is highly possible that we may not be able to accept a return or recompensation for defective products. We ask that you keep this in mind when placing an order through our service. 

For any defective items that fall under a warranty, we cannot reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf. As you are the owner of the product, if a global warranty applies, we instead recommend that you follow the instructions on your warranty card to sort things out with the manufacturer directly. 

Used Items

When you buy secondhand items, the seller usually states the product condition on the listing. When we receive the item, we check the item's physical state if it conforms to the description and we make sure they are not in a worse state than what they were listed as. We don't check the functionality of the product and can't be held responsible if the product has any defect.

However, used items usually feature general ware such as small stains or loose threads. Unfortunately, those do not make items eligible for a refund. Most sellers on Yahoo Auctions or Mercari have a no-return policy for secondhand items and we will not be able to accept any returns or proceed with any refund for those items. We hope you understand.

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