How does your team handle my order and packages?

Updated 1 year ago by Jessica

After we've purchased all of your requested items, your order will move to the "Closed Orders" tab of the Japan Rabbit panel.

This means we're now waiting on your items to arrive at our shipping center. In due course, your items will arrive in one or more packages, and our team will carefully process and inspect these arrivals.

Each package that appears in the "Received Packages" tab has been identified and inspected as yours. From the "Packages" area, clicking on a package allows you to manage it.

Once our team has taken care of your customs declarations, you'll see buttons that offer you a variety of additional service options (ex: taking a photo, extra padding, discreet packaging.)

When we prepare your package for shipment, it'll be carefully sealed and we'll take its final measurements. 📦

From there, you can complete your Shipping Checkout at any time, and we'll make sure your package leaves our shipping center promptly using your chosen shipping courier. You'll get all of the tracking information the moment it leaves the center, and you can relax. Your products are on their way. 🙌

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