Priority Processing

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What is Priority Processing?

Priority Processing is an add-on service available when you request service or shipping tasks for items already received at Japan Rabbit. After receiving them, we will prioritize your request over non-priority requests for all our services, such as consolidation, photo requests, split packages, and prepare-to-ship (not actual shipping).


  • Ideal for customers with tight deadlines or an urgent need for us to process your service request or ship out your package. Enhanced peace of mind and reduced delay for customers who need their goods ASAP.
  • Our fulfillment staff will give your service request the highest priority (over non-priority requests) within our normal operating hours.


  • Priority Processing operates only within our current business hours. It does not guarantee immediate action outside of these hours.
  • While we prioritize your service request as soon as possible, processing times can vary due to operational factors.
  • Shipping speeds to your location are determined by the carrier and service level you request at checkout (for processing or shipping). Priority processing only refers to handling and service requests at the Japan Rabbit warehouse.

How to Use

  1. Open the Packages page in Japan Rabbit.
  2. In ‘Received’ or ‘Ready-to-Ship’ tabs, select an item and then request an additional service.
  3. Check ‘Enable Priority Processing’ for this particular service in the dialog that appears.


Visit our Pricing page for the latest details on fees and charges.

Ready to Try?

Make your next service request with Priority Processing and manage your packages with speed and peace-of-mind. Our customer support is always here for any questions or assistance you need. Happy shopping!

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