Do you handle pre-order items ?

Yes, we accept requests for pre-order items, even if the item is released several months post reservation!

When do I need to pay for a pre-order?

We require an authorization of the total funds upfront for all pre-orders. 

This authorization is required to process your pre-order even if an item is released several months later. Once you place the order, we'll process and then charge you after securing a reservation with the store. We'll charge our service fees, domestic shipping, and the item price once the reservation is locked in.

You pay for shipping from our office to your location after your item arrives with us.

Can I cancel a pre-order?

This depends on the store. Most Japanese stores don't accept cancellations. If the store doesn't allow us to cancel, then we can't cancel pre-orders after we've ordered from the shop. If the shop accepts cancellations, we can cancel the order, but please be aware the possibility of this option may be situational.

As a general rule of thumb, we can only cancel your order when we're able to cancel our order with the seller.

I'm ready to pre-order!

Nice! The order process works like a regular order, so click here.

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